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Sizing Chart

 Hotshoppa Size Guide

Choosing Your Size

We offer a choice of 3 sizes across our Hotshoppa Hybrid Mattress & Bed Frame range which are Queen, King and Super King in Standard Australian Sizes.

Queen Size: 153cm (width) x 203cm (head-to-toe)
King Size:    183cm (width) x 203cm (head-to-toe)
Super King: 203cm (width) x 203cm (head-to-toe)

When choosing your ideal size it is important be mindful of how much space you require on your mattress whilst also keeping in mind the dimensions of your bedroom. Smaller rooms may only be able to accommodate a Queen Size for example and larger rooms or families with children may require a Super King Size Bed Frame & Mattress.

Comparing Between Sizes

All three mattress sizes Queen, King & Super King have the same length from head-to-toe (203cm). However, they vary in their width with Super King being the widest size, providing a generous 203cm x 203cm of mattress space. So, it really comes down to how much width you require when comparing between the sizes we offer.

Bed Frame Dimensions

Bed Frame dimensions are always going to be wider and longer than mattress dimensions. This is because the headboard, sideboards and footboard protrude outwards on each side of the mattress. To ensure your new Hotshoppa Bed Frame will fit in your bedroom check to ensure the Bed Frame Dimensions under the Specifications Tab will fit before purchasing. Our Bed Frames are designed to fit Standard Australian Mattress Sizes, as per sizes in above chart.