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Virtual Reality Headset

$39.00 $115.00 Save 66%

Virtual Reality Headset - Simply Insert Your Android or iPhone and download free VR Apps! 

Retail prices for branded VR Headsets generally start at the $100 mark and can exceed $1,000 such as Oculus VR Headsets when they come with an inbuilt screen. However, this product allows you to utilise your existing investment in your smartphone and to provide an experience which is the same or similar to the higher end expensive VR headsets in the market. Many Youtube videos are now being created and converted into Virtual Reality viewing mode, simply switch to 'VR' mode in a compatible Youtube video. 

Experience Cirque du soleil in Virtual Reality, Scuba dive deep into the Pacific Ocean or visit the streets of Paris before planning your next summer vacation. All this can now be done in Virtual Reality (VR). 


  • The width of your smartphone should not exceed 8cm (i.e. size compatible with iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 & Google Pixel XL). 
  • Optimal viewing clarity with eye distance and lens clarity adjusters.
  • Hands free with safety head strap
  • Audio outlet for headphones (via smartphone jack)
*Please note, if you experience dizziness while using this product cease use immediately. Also, if you suffer from epilepsy or any other eye related problem, refrain from use of this product. Please refer to our T&C's for further information.