Mascara (Gel + Fiber)

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This Love Alpha mascara set includes one Mascara Gel and one Natural Fibre, it is the perfect choice for extending your eyelashes without making them stick together.

  • Easy application
  • Doubles the length of your eyelashes
  • Great for making your eyelashes feel stronger and longer
  • Black fibre with new technology will not leave any white residue sticking on your lashes
  • 3D collagen green tea natural fibre eyelash fluid combination
  • 3X extension lashes won't make your eye lashes stick together or clump
  • Natural and perfect lasting look
  • 3mm to 5mm can be added to your eyelashes

How to apply:

  1. Apply the Mascara Gel from the base of your eyelash line to the top of your eyelashes.
  2. Apply the black fibre to your lashes just like how you applied gel before the gel dries (don’t apply it too coarsely or your eyelashes will become clumpy).
  3. Then apply gel on top of fibre to make sure all your lashes coated in mascara gel.
  4. Apply the fibre again - to the ends of your lashes before the gel dries.
  5. Finally, coat all your lashes in Mascara Gel and you will notice your lashes look longer and thicker.
How to remove: 
Apply some warm water directly on your eyelash or soak cotton pads in warm water and apply it to your eye for a few minutes, when the gel has softened, then gently wipe it out. No removal marks can be seen around the vicinity of your eyes.

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Awesome product

I love the bundle and have referred your page to many of my friends. They loved this product and so did I. However I was not very happy with the installation process. Just a small suggestion next time if you could add installation along with the bundle that would be great. Overall, this is an amazing offer , great value for money and love your products will come back to shop for more in future.

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Love it sooooooooooooo much thank u heaps will buy more of other sizes too 👍👍👌👌🥰🥰🥰🥰

Lovely bed, great service

Easy to assemble the bed, good quality and frame. Channel fabric. Feels solid once assembled. Good value I would recommend to a friend. Very happy with the bed thanks hotshoppa.

Exactly as pics

Super fast delivery exactly as pictures

Very happy!

Very happy with product and instant delivery!