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English Oak Colour iPhone 6S/6 Plus Case

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Care for your new iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6 Plus and freshen it up with a trendy wooden look. Although this phone case is not made from real english oak - it provides a clean timber coloured finish whilst remaining relatively lightweight compared to real wood. Volume and sleep buttons are neatly covered with a protective layer and all ports are accessible once the case is installed. From the front view, the case provides will provide a slim wooden outline to complement your iPhone 6S/6 Plus. 

The TPU material used in this case has a soft touch feel and is durable in nature. In terms of flexibility, TPU cases are in between hard cover cases (non flexible) and soft cover silicone cases (very flexible). 


  • Designed and crafted for iPhone 6S Plus/ 6 Plus models
  • Approximately 15g in weight
  • Made from thermoplastic polyurethane

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