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Binoculars (Zoom & Low Light Vision)

Binoculars (Zoom & Low Light Vision)

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Ideal for outdoor activities such as watching sport, camping, hiking or sailing. With a comfortable feel and a convenient case these binoculars are easy to carry and use. Equipped with an advanced multi-layer optical film they provide excellent eye protection. LLL Night Vision (Low Light Level Night Vision): the Binoculars not only zoom in on the image, they also provide an enhanced visuals in low light conditions. In the case of a bright image, instead of looking like a bright dot it will appear as a lighter disk of light. Please note, these binoculars are not night vision goggles and cannot be used in pitch dark environments. 

  • 126m/1000m
  • Field :7.2°
  • Length: 90mm
  • Width(folded): 60mm
  • Width(opened):103mm
  • Diameter of the lens:27-32mm
  • Nearest distance:300cm
Package Includes
1 pair of Binoculars
1 Portable bag 
1 Piece of lens cleaning fabric