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Professional Smartphone Lens Kit

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Dreaming of buying that new digital SLR with all the fancy expensive lenses? Well, now with the use of this Professional Smartphone Lens Kit you can enjoy similar benefits at a fraction of the cost by using your existing smartphone. Modern smartphones are already loaded with high quality, high megapixel cameras saving you the need to purchase a separate camera with new lenses. 

With this Professional Smartphone Lens Kit you can experiment with Macro, Landscape and Fish Eye photography:

Macro photography allows you to capture in high focus which are very near to the camera lens e.g. insects or small flowers. The landscape lens creates the opposite effect by zooming out and allowing more to come into your picture, perfect for landscapes and long range photography. Lastly the fish eye is a creative lens which can add a different perspective to your photography.

Package includes:

  • 3 lenses
  • 1 black soft pouch
  • 1 clip used to attach lenses

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